openproduct.cc is a project developed by Stromatolite, a creative agency based in London, UK in collaboration with radiant.law and Makersco, and with the support from the UK Technlogy Strategy Board.

The project was born at Goldsmiths, University of London and the project team are now located at the digital incubator hub at Ravensbourne in Greenwich.

The Open Product Licence v0.1 is the first iteration of the licence language, intended to provide product designers with a novel way to share designs, illustrations and instructions for community-based production.


Commercial use of the licences isn’t necessarily prohibited; nor is attribution necessarily required. Designs can be selected for non-derivative use or they could be permitted to be hacked, remixed and modified to combine with other products. A range of licence options provide for lots of different ways to use the licences and explore the possibilities arising from this new way to share design information.


The Open Product Registry is a database of files relating to a product which has an Open Product Licence. Here’s where the illustrations, plans, images, technical drawings, CAD files, case studies – whatever you want to add – are associated with the products. It also holds different marking systems for linking objects, licences and design information together, so the physical product can connect with the information. At launch, we are producing QR tags which can be printed and affixed to (or integrated with) the surface of the product, linking back to the product entry in the Registry.


When users start uploading, downloading, making, sharing, modifying, forking and re-uploading products, it gets interesting. Users of the openproduct.cc site can register and share their personal information too; we link with social services like Twitter and Facebook as well as linking users together internally. One of the main goals of the Open Product License project is to provide a platform for a community of product designers, developers, makers and thinkers to share ideas and collaborate on new products.


The Open Product Licence project received funding from the UK Government’s Technology Strategy Board Smart competition in 2012 and this site is an outcome of that initial research and development project.


We’re grateful to radiant.law and Makersco for their support in developing the licenses, registry and project information. The CERN Open Hardware License team have been generous and helpful with their support and encouragement. Most of all, we’re grateful to our users who are helping us learn by doing.


The Open Product Licence v.0.1 options launch in July 2012.

We are building, measuring and learning as we go: all the feedback from users and evaluators of the Open Product Licences and the associated services (like the Open Product Registry) will be fed back into the UK’s creative industries through the Technology Strategy Board. We’ll report back with case studies of their usage (maybe by you) and feedback from independent evaluators (that could be you too).

We’re already working on new software platforms, functionality and community services. If you want to contribute, you can contact us directly or make suggestions and share ideas on our Uservoice page.


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