Totem Stool

Here’s a simple example of a project I’ve been working on for a while. I was thinking about furniture that doubles as storage and seating, and trying to find a really simple design that could use a small number of parts to create a nice product without special machinery.

The Totem stool is one of the first products in our Open Product Registry, and the first one intended for serious use (the others have been ways to test the function of the system).

I never put this design into production at my furniture manufacturing studio (Pli Design). The product has no commercial value to me: I’d be delighted if people would make it, for their own use or to sell, and hopefully improve it. I’d like to have a look at how to make it stack and maybe morph into a bookshelf with lots stacked on each other.

If some people want to buy one rather than make it themselves, I’ll be very happy to send them a quote to make it and deliver it – that’s where the commercial benefit might come to me. But I really don’t mind.

So, here’s a case study: the Totem Stool.

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