shared & networked designs

The Open Product Licence offers a licence platform to help designers share product designs, 3D models, instructions, how-to information and hacks. The Open Product Registry networks designs, documentation, licenses and physical products together.

Upload documentation

You can use our Registry of design information to upload CAD models, technical drawings, images, plans, assembly instructions and any other useful documentation relating to a design. Users can download these files, along with data tags to link finished products to the online designs.

Generate a licence

The Open Product Licence comes in two basic flavours: Public Domain or Attribution. In the first case, anyone can do anything with your design. In the second case, the use of your design must be limited to your chosen restrictions, e.g. noncommercial, no-derivatives, share-alike.

Modify, remix, share

Under the terms of the Open Product Licence, users can produce designs and add data tags that link to the online product info. If the licence allows it, you can modify the design and upload your versions too. Potentially, you can remix designs to add your own ideas and share the finished product with the community.